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Why Use Top Notch Telecom Group?

Top Notch Telecom Group provides a one stop shop for unbiased advise and quotes for multiple solutions based on your requirement.

The consultants bring there expertise to work for the customer and build the long term relationship because they get paid directly residual for the long term of the relationship We have the size and scope to provide your company with service from many providers, negotiate the best deals for you and manage your account now and in the future.

Are we resellers of communication services?

No! We are consultants representing carriers directly, similar to a financial brokers, but for Top Notch Telecom Group we offer you service, billing and customer service that will be provided directly by the carrier you choose. You will also have one of our consultants as a contact to answer questions and have all your business needs met.

Are your prices less than going directly to the carrier?

Yes, Direct reps represent the carriers they work for, not the customer. They are incented to sell the highest rate you will buy to maximize the pay they receive for your account. They get paid one time on your acct.. We do our best to represent the customer not the carrier.

We are incented to keep you as a customer for the long term. We accomplish this by showing your company the best and most updated plans on an ongoing basis. It is our goal to keep your account forever! And keep up with the best technology for your company.

Is there a fee I have to pay to work with Top Notch Telecom Group?

Our basic consulting services are free and include cost analysis, quotes and a network design to benefit the customer.

Which ever Service provider you pick the carrier will pay us the commissions that would normally go to a sales rep, but we receive it in small monthly increments on a residual basis which incents us to help manage your account for the long term.

Also since we do not have costs to the service providers like salaries, offices, insurance, HR, management, etc. normally associated with an employee it is easier for us to get the best pricing for our customers.

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